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The Oeuvre of Bertha B. Moore

5 Apr

The Triplets Receive A RewardI can’t decide if this is super cool or super eerie, so I’m going with “cool”.

In preparation for the coming crew, I was doing a few random searches on all things triplets and I began wondering if there were any triplet-specific children’s books in the world.  As it turns out, in the 1940s and 50s an author named Bertha B. Moore wrote a series of kids’ tales about a fictional set of triplets named Teddy, Iva and Iona.  Quite a few, actually, nearly all out of print.  But you can still find a handful of well-thumbed copies if you know where to look.

The weird part?  The last name of the fictional triplet children:


Psst. If you and I are previously unacquainted, that’s an alternate spelling of our name.

Anyhow, it looks like I now have a decent idea what the gnomes are getting for their first Christmas. Thanks, Bertha B. Moore, whoever you were.

(This probablty trumps the time some Canadian guy sent me the entire Jeremy The Bear series on DVD.)